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Until starting this class, I never realized how limited my knowledge of writing was. The four assigned pamphlets and tutorials, while not very long, are enlightening. The readings are CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements pamphlet, Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial, Tour of the Virtual Library video, and How to Search for Articles tutorial. Here is a brief summary of what I have learned thus far. APA requirements enforce the acceptable amount of repurposed information. Plagiarism and citations give integrity to your research. The assistance Colorado State University-Global Campus’s (CSU-GC) on-line library has available. Searching for articles and other scholarly resources requires three different search engines. Using these resources, I will highlight a couple of items learned from each.
Pamphlets and Tutorials
CSU-GC provides an excellent resource for APA writing requirements with its CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements guide. The most important of these requirements is, “No more than 15-20% of the content should be quoted material (i.e. one quote per page). All content taken from sources, whether paraphrased or quoted directly, must be properly cited and referenced.” (CSU-GC, n.d., p.2). Following this same rule of 20 percent, “No more than 20% of a paper, excluding references, may be repurposed from another CSU-Global course, unless otherwise directed.” (CSU-GC, n.d., p.2). Both of these points promote original thought without the feel of regurgitated information. On the subject of repeating information found elsewhere, plagiarism is a common problem that is avoidable.
Using CSU-GC’s Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial has brought to light two interesting points. Common knowledge is one of these po...

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...ow to Search for Articles tutorial shows the search engines used by the university’s on-line library and how to effectively use them to find source material. These guides and tutorials provide a solid foundation for improved collegiate writing.

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