Summary Of What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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Life is extremely difficult for some individuals. Life can be even harder for those people when they are homeless, alcoholic, and of a minority group that is often frowned upon. Sherman Alexie exhibits a character like the one described in his short story “What You Pawn I Will Redeem.” This story follows a homeless man living in Seattle, Washington named Jackson Jackson. Jackson lives a lonely and a poor life.One day after buying a bottle of liquor, he notices a regalia that looks like the one he remembers from photos of his grandma hanging in a pawn shop. Jackson convinces the pawn shop owner that it is his families’ regalia by finding an out of place yellow bead that his family is accustomed to branding their property. The pawn shop owner,…show more content…
Throughout the story Jackson can be found executing many unexplainably kind acts. Obviously, Jackson is not in a position to give out much being homeless and jobless, but he makes a major impact on the world he lives in through giving all that he has to those around him. After Jackson wins one hundred dollars on a scratch off ticket, he gives the cashier, who he flirts with jokingly, twenty dollars out of his winnings. She did not want to take his money, but Jackson exclaims, “It’s an Indian thing. When you win, you’re supposed to share with your family” (Alexie). Jackson did not owe the young cashier anything, and he was in far worse shape than the cashier was in. This man is homeless and jobless and he gave out one fifth of his earning like it was nothing. For all Jackson knows, he may never see one hundred dollars ever again, but that never stopped him from sharing his new found wealth with those around him. The next thing Jackson does is buy eighty dollars worth of shots at an Indian bar for everyone attending. Again, Jackson goes out of his way to show kindness to others. One hundred dollars worth of lottery winnings all gone. Barely one cent went to him or his important regalia
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