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Wakan Tanka created the world and saw it was lonely and made the animals. The animals although they loved each other could not pick up after themselves and asked Wankan Tanka to make another being that would be bigger than them and can help oversee them and help keep their home clean and to be a friend to them and their home. Wakan Tanka agreed to make a being with purpose to serve the earth. He made him to be tall and hands to grasp, to clean the earth and to love the animals. He had legs to run to the animal’s side when they would be in danger, and he had eyes to see the world and all its beauty and to make sure its beauty stayed preserved. When the being was made Wankan Tanka said, “You are called man and your duty is to love and nurture your mother earth. You may eat the fruit that grows and when there is a superfluous amount of animals you may eat them, but you must tell them why and thank them for their sacrifice and none of their body can go to waste. Your name shall be Cetan Luta.” The man agreed and proceeded his duties as a man. Ina, The spirit of the earth, came to visit Cetan Luta and he gave her all his love and affection while she was there. She told him, “Treat me, your earth…show more content…
As Cetan Luta was walking back to his tent Ina appeared in front of his door. She asked him, “Why have you not used the bear’s fur? It would keep you warm when it becomes cold.” He shrugged. “What about its bones?” She said. “You could use its marrow for soup and the other bones for rattles or flutes. Cetan Luta, Wankan Tanka told me that if you do not keep your promise then he will have to take you off this earth. You were made to serve and if you do not then you will just hurt the animals and the earth.” This bothered Cetan Luta. He did not want to be separated from his Ina, even if he only saw her for a short

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