Summary Of 'Universal Robot' By Rossum's Universal Robots?

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R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) was set in the post World War 1 era. The war led to an increase in production and industrialization throughout most of the world. The assembly line and humans that did monotonous tasks at work became much more common. Some felt that that this physical labor was inhuman. Rossum sought to find a way to make human labor unnecessary so that humans could do as they pleased and find only pleasure in life. On Rossum 's island most of the humans thought that people could not have too much pleasure and should work as little as possible. They believed that it was paradise to never have to work. One man saw very early on that there was something innately wrong with never working. Alquist didn’t see in himself the power to change the world, but he did see the benefits of labor. He could do nothing to stop the robots, so he said he would “lay bricks, pray, and wait for a miracle.” Alquist did this because he felt that he needed to do something. He felt that he needed to have a…show more content…
They believed that humans should serve themselves instead of an earthly master. Domin made millions of robots because he wanted to eliminate physical labor of the masses. In his last few minutes of life he yelled, “I wanted to make sure there was nothing, nothing, nothing left of that damned mess of a social hierarchy!” He saw physical labor as solely benefiting the employer. In essence, he wanted to create a society in which no man was more valuable that the next. His dream world was one in which there were no aristocrats or kings. People could serve themselves. He believed that eliminating the class system through robots was a way in which he could make sure that everyone lived pleasurable lives, which he believed to be the purpose of
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