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The Yellow Wall-Paper: Woman are Worthy Women have suffered since the beginning of time. Women have always been considered too weak or fragile. They have always been the lesser to men. Although women have had such a limited amount of freedom, from as early as 1848 they fought for equal rights with men. Over 150 years ago,the ongoing struggle for women's rights began. The Office of the Historian for the United States House of Representatives reported that, “The first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States was held July 19–20, 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York.” In 1848 the brave women who began this movement started the battle for equality. This fight for fairness among genders, was continued by many influential women throughout…show more content…
She was never named, as a symbol of her assumed weakness as a person. She was locked up in her house by her husband and physician, John. It is apparent that when the woman begins discussing the creepers in the yard and the woman in the wall it is apparent that she has started to lose her mind. I argue that the creepers outside of her window were figures of her imagination that she had created to try and keep herself company while she was locked up, and that her husband felt it was okay to leave her alone without company because she was just a woman, and women have no purpose other than breeding, cooking, and…show more content…
Women for centuries have been labeled simply as men's personal chefs, maids, and breeders. Women were put on the Earth to cook dinner, make sure the house is clean, and carry and eventually raise children right? Or is this mentality lost? This mentality is sadly not lost. Although women have empowered themselves and proven for centuries that they are just as strong, and in some cases stronger than men, some men still wrongly believe that women are weak and fragile. Although the story “The Yellow Wall-Paper” was written in the late 1800s, the misogynistic views of the woman's husband were carried on through generation after generation, and are still carried by many people today. In fact, our current president is one of the most misogynistic men known to date. In the story, the husband and physician of the isolated woman clearly believes she is incapable of handling herself. They even present the other character who cares for the woman, Mary. In the story, Mary has in a sense taken over the unnamed woman’s duties. She takes care of the house, the baby, and cooks. I believe this is why she is given a name and the narrator is not, because she has worth and importance in the eyes of the expected reader. Mary does what the ill woman no longer is deemed fit to do, therefore she is more

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