Summary Of The Short Story What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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There are many instances in the world where people of all kinds are discriminated against. Sometimes people are scared of those who are different than them, and sometimes people think that others are different then them so therefore they must be inferior to them. This kind of discrimination happens a lot in the world today. The short story “What You Pawn I will Redeem” written by Sherman Alexie in 2005 shows this concept. Sherman ALexie is the 2007 National Book Award winner and winner of the Heavyweight Poetry Bout. The story shows how the American society has discriminated against people who are different than the majority of the population, who are fully functioning white people, and the unfairness of the situation. The main character in this story is a Native American who lives on the streets of Spokane, Washington. The author has exaggerated all the stereotypes that exist of Native Americans in this story. He does this to show a point in the story; and if a person looks deeper into the story past the main plot, they will see the hidden meanings and signs that the author puts into the story. Some of the stereotypes that the author shows are homelessness, drinking, smoking, and gambling. The american society has a tendency to take a person and judge them on a small percentage of people, and on ideas that are already put in…show more content…
Since he does not have any arms or legs he is labeled as a freak and is accused of being different. He is not accepted simply because society does not understand him. The same thing happens to the Indians, the Africans, the homeless, and all the disabled people around the world. In the short film the crowd stares at him, before insulting and throwing tomatoes at him. And in the story, “What You Pawn I will Redeem”, Jackson Jackson is stolen from and laughed at. Both of these characters are hurt because of the circumstances of their
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