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The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway was written as Hemingway 's comeback book. Hemingway was a great writer, according to “11 Facts About Hemingway’s The Old Man and The sea”, written by the website mental floss, before The Old Man and the Sea his last best book was For Whom the Bell Tolls which was written in 1940. Hemingway went a decade before he wrote and had another book published. In 1950 Hemingway published Across the River and Into The Trees, but it was not very good so people said that Hemingway was done with his years of good writing. In 1952 Hemingway published The Old Man and the Sea and it was his comeback book. Throughout the book, Hemingway uses Santiago and his long time out in the sea to show that it is important to…show more content…
After forty days without catching any fish Manolin 's parents told him that he was not allowed to go out fishing with Santiago anymore, they said Santiago was bad luck. Manolin ended up going out and fishing in another boat and caught many fish. Santiago went a total of eighty five days without catching any fish, but he never did give up. Santiago said Manolin 's parents had no faith in him, but Santiago said, “But we have. Haven’t we.” (11). Later on in the novel, Santiago decides he is going to go as far out in the sea as it takes to find and catch the biggest fish. Santiago went to get Manolin up to have him help get the boat ready. When Monolin asked how Santiago slept Santiago said, ““Very well, Manolin,” the old man said. “I feel confident today.”” (27). Santiago is not going to give up, he is going to catch the biggest fish if it is the last thing he…show more content…
Santiago shoved the harpoon through the shoulder and heart of the marlin. He was surprised at how big and beautiful the marlin actually was. He said the marlin was purple and silver, and the stripes in the fish were wider than a man 's hand with his fingers spread out; he is also over fifteen hundred pounds. Santiago was very proud of his catch and new his idol the great DiMaggio would be proud of him too. “But I think the great DiMaggio would be proud of me today.” (97) He was finally able to go back home. Santiago still did not give up after he caught the marlin, there were many sharks he had to fight, “When he saw the shark he leaned over the side and punched at him.” (109). “Out to Far” is a source from infohio that talks about how men feel defeat when they reach old age. The main arguments in this source, the old man 's dependents on the boy, feminizing the sea and the respectful engagement of its feminine presents, and Interspecies kinship—brotherhood between man and animals, as well as with nature. The purpose of this source is to show reasons why the old man feels defeat with old age. This source relates to The Old Man and the Sea because many times throughout the novel when Santiago was in the sea he wished Manolin was there to help him because he had a rough time doing some things nowadays, but his old age still did not stop him from catching that

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