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stood still. Clay dishes still sat on the table and bowls of fruit on the counter. Nothing had changed and nothing had been touched. It was as if the people fled only yesterday. Zander’s scent was still weak, which meant he was farther ahead. Fang picked up the pace and headed to the outskirts of the city. He stopped where the last house stood and looked around. “Zander! Son of a bitch, I don 't have time for this shit.” “Fang?” Zander stepped out of from behind a tree. “What the hell?” Fang strode toward the prince. “Why are you here, and what are you doing?” Zander’s brow shot up. “I might ask you the same thing.” “I need you to go on a mission with me.” “I see. What mission would that be?” “We are to go to Zolar’s realm and rescue my mate. My father is there as well and possibly several more,” he stated. “Damn. Just you and me?” Zander shifted his stance. “Yes. Greydon wanted to go, but I suggested you take his place. We can’t have the King placing himself in danger.” Fang noticed Zander fidgeted with something shiny. “What’s that?” The prince glanced down and twisted the silver bracelet in his hand. “I’m not sure, but considering where I found it, my gut tells me I should take it back to the queen.” “You think it’s one of the artifacts Uuna laced with her magic?” Fang held out his hand, and Zander dropped the trinket into his palm. He examined the bracelet, which held two round opals at opposite ends of diamond-shaped strips of silver. “I feel the magic. Where did you find it?” Zander pointed behind him. “Tucked in the tree, but I was lead here by a map I found in the Oracle’s home.” Fang handed it back. “Fine. We’ll take it back so the queen can inspect it, but then we are on our way!” If he was delayed again, he was seriousl... ... middle of paper ... ...imee. “What the hell?” She glared at all of them until she spotted Bethany, and her features softened. “Oh my god!” She ran to her friend and the girls embraced. “I’ve been so worried about you.” She shoved Bethany back slightly to get a good look at her. “Are you all right? Did they hurt you?” “I’m fine,” Bethany assured. Aimee nodded then glared at Fang over her friend’s shoulder. “How dare you!” “You should learn that I dare many things,” Fang stated. She marched to Greydon in a huff. “You allowed him to send me away? I thought I was part of the team.” The king took her hands in his in an effort to calm his mate. “You are but not when it means your life is in danger. I, just like you, was forced back here by Fang, while Zander is still in Zolar’s realm. He is correct. In time of war, our protection is his priority.” “Then what are we doing here?” Aimee questioned.

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