Summary Of The Leviathan By Thomas Hobbes

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Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), who was known as an English philosopher who wrote the book: The Leviathan to point out the flaws of all mankind also to show how evil humans are, The Leviathan is an evil sea monster as Thomas Hobbes compared and described all human kind as Leviathan’s, Thomas Hobbes was also well known that he criticized states and governments in his Leviathan’s book as he pointed out all the flaw as well as given demands to higher states with no shame or worriedness. After the publish of his book people started wondering on why did he have an evil perspective of all human kind, some said it was due to the fact that he was born in harsh circumstances such as wars and conflicts ( English civil war) which made him think so harshly…show more content…
Thomas Hobbes also described mankind without a failure that they are “Egocentric’ which means that he saw mankind as self-centered who only cared about themselves and they were so into the shallow of their bubble to care about anything or anyone else. Now that you’ve read about Thomas Hobbes point of view of mankind, let me take you through the Islamic perspective about humans/ mankind. The Quran confirms that “we have indeed created man in the best molds”, you may be wondering now on what does that means? Well it means that god created mankind in the purest and best nature however some people’s inner self’s are tend to be drawn to evil, such as wealth for an example because sometimes if wealth have been misunderstood then it creates “Egocentricity” as in greediness and other sources of evil within the person, but us as human are capable or restraining these propositions by our faith (Iman) because it reinforces the goodness in human nature, the Quran also associates humility with doing good to

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