Summary Of The Death Of Ivan Illyich: The Theme Of Justice?

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Human being, as a type of life form, exists in the world. At the same time, what is the meaning for our existence? For this kind of question, probably everyone has asked themselves at least once or twice, and they definitely take their own path to find the answer. Different people have different meaning about life. Many people work for get high social class; some people fight to earn more money; some other people simply want to have the simple life. The desire originates from life, and it is understandable to desire for self. In the novella The Death of Ivan Illyich, Ivan perfectly works and gets the desirable life as he wishes, but it turns out that only giving him with the lonely feeling in before his death. In the end of short story Rod of Justice, for own desire Damiao passes the rod to Sinha Rita rather than protects the poor slave girl. After all, when people are in certain situation, desire is the life force pushes people forward, and sometime it also brings people into the dark abyss. How to treat our desire and find the right way to live are two important tasks for us to think and to act, because the result that based on human desire will turn out differently. Tolstoy’s Ivan Illyich has fulfilled his own desire on…show more content…
It is so obvious to notice that nobody truly feels pity or sad about the death of Ivan Illyich. There is no exception, and they feel lucky that they are not the dead one. Colleagues think of the promotions, his friends think about how to behave in the funeral, and his wife concerns about what legal avenues to get more recompensation from the government. Ivan’s funeral doesn’t even influence their plan for the happy night – the card game. There is no human warmth, but full of humanity ugly in the story. Really ironic, isn 't it? Peter and these people’s attitude seem to stand for their society’s view to the death - normal and

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