Summary Of Susan Glaspell's Play Trifles

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Marriage, it can be a blessing or a curse. In Susan Glaspell's Play Trifles, Mr.Wright is found dead in his house and his wife is going to jail for murder, but two women in the play find out what has really happened secretly while their husbands have no idea what had actually happened. Most readers would agree that Mrs. Wright murdered her husband just because he murdered her bird. Although she really murdered him because he neglected to pay attention to her which led her to feel isolated, emotional abuse which has led her to feel depressed, and finally he killed her only last chance at hope, the bird. This is important because it shows how Mr. Wright treated his wife which he is supposed to love, very terribly which led her to kill him. Overall the negligent nature of Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s marriage has ultimately led to the self- destruction of Mrs. Wright.
In the first place, Mr. Wright’s neglection led Mrs. Wright to feel isolated in her marriage. Mr. Wright was work-obsessed and had little to no time to converse with his wife, Mrs. Wright. He would wake up in the morning and go
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Wright’s neglect, emotional abuse, and the loss of hope has to the self- immolation of Mrs. Wright. Mr. Wright causes his wife to kill him because he killed her bird which resembled her-self and how she was pretty, happy, and was free. But Mr. Wright killed her bird so she killed him. He was responsible for his own death, by making Mrs. Wright self-destruct. The two women in the play have been picking up one the little house clue the men in the play would find in significant, because they think all the women are really talking about is trifles, but in reality they are talking about how Mrs. Wright killed her husband. Overall Mrs. Wright killed her husband because he caused her isolation, emotional abuse, and he killed the only think she actually cared about and she lost hope which ultimately all of these led to her self destruction because of the neglection of her
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