Summary Of Sit And Relax As I Tell A Tale Of A Young Family Being Destroyed By This World

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Sit and relax as I tell a tale of a young family being destroyed by this world and the one survivor that is still thriving. This is an abbreviated biography that shows how his socioeconomic positions in his life have led him to the point he is currently. It is not a fun tale but it is full of interesting points and will benefit all who understand. As has been said before by one much better than I, “For all who have ears, let him hear.” It was a cold winter night, December 12, 1989, when this bundle of sunshine was brought into this world in Little Rock, Arkansas at Children’s Hospital. He was given the name Nicholas Michael Cullen. His father a hard working nurse who had developed an alcohol and weed addiction, was currently at work. His mother, not much better was a stay at home mom to her two other children from a previous marriage. This bundle of sunshine was allowed to survive because it was a sort of protection for the mother. It is important to note here that the father was not just an alcoholic, but he was also abusive to both mother and the two other children. She hoped that this child would correct that. So the next few years pass uneventfully from the child’s eyes. He would wake up, do what kids do, then fall back to sleep only knowing that each person in his family was loved. He excelled with his hand me down cassettes of hooked on phonics. Slow but surely he began to realize that this family he thought was full of love for each other was quite the opposite and actually full of hate and contempt for one another. The sibling for him, the mother and father for each other, the father for the ex-husband, and list could continue. Each person having his or her own reason for hating the other, he alone grew up ... ... middle of paper ... and quite unlike his father. And now he is on his second semester out of the Navy attending classes to become an RN. He will complete his A.S.N. in 2018 and will continue onto his B.S.N. and master’s degree. He will continue to be a good husband and father to his wife and four children. He will be the best man and person he can be, and will continue to follow his spiritual beliefs that have brought him to this point in his life. As I promised, this story is full of insight and intrigue, however it was not fun to tell. Each retelling though will benefit mankind and bring more people to understand how and why the child is who he is and how even the smallest things like caring can make a huge difference in someone’s life. If we all come together and love one another without all the hate and contempt, then more people will become thriving people in this world.

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