Summary Of Reyna Grande's The Distance Between Me

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Summary of the book
The book “The distance between us” is the story of immigration written by Reyna Grande. The book recounts her true personal story before and after entering the United States. The story shows how poverty and parenting impacts the family. Grande was 2years old when her dad left her, 4 years old when her mom (Juana) left her and her two siblings (Mago and Carlos) with her grandmother in the Mexico. Since, then she was seeking her parents either her dad or mom in the story. Her illegal and undocumented entry in the United States depicits the struggles and challenges she faced while crossing the border. After she arrived in the United States she found that living in the U.S was not that easy what she has dreamed for and “The man behind the glass” was not like that what she had met before. Her siblings were angry because of their not supportive mother and abusive father which weaken their intimacy in the family. Instead, Mago her elder
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Ecological theory focuses on the how the environment effects the issues within a family. The story stated that the reason that Grande and family are in their predicament is because they were in Mexico. In Mexico they have pain of poverty, lack of job opportunities, inaccessible health care and inability to afford the basic needs of survival which pressurize Grande’s parents to cross the border for seeking financial resources. After Their illegal and undocumented entry in the USA, Grande and her siblings were stressed and had the fear of deportation. Reyna’s experience in the book also demonstrated Family system theory. “According to the family system theory, when something occurs to one family member, all members of that family are affected”. It is assumed that family is a system so what occurs to the one family and what actions taken by affects every