Summary Of ' O Pioneers ! '

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Cather, Willa. O Pioneers!. Philadelphia: Running Press, 1997 O Pioneers!, a novel by Willa Cather is a dramatic romance. The story takes place in a Farm outside of Hanover, Nebraska. This story is set in 1997. This story is about a romance in two different relationships. Alexandra Bergson is a hard working women. She struggles at first but does not give up. Alexandra’s hard work finally pays off. She is really successful and really wealthy. She is a mentor to her under brother. She does not want him to be like her. She motivates and pushes him to become someone better than her. Alexandra was always kind and caring to all the people around her. She would try her best to be friendly and helpful with everyone. She was forgiving to people even if they did or said something to her. Alexandra was also a lonely single lady. She spent most of her time staying on top of her farm and younger brother. She was loving Emil Bergson is the younger brother of Alexandra. He was an intelligent person. Emil was a hardworking young man. He was well educated and was a really skilled person. Emil w...
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