Summary Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Chapter 1 Summary
In 1941 the Jews of Sighet lived peacefully. Elie Wiesel, a thirteen year old Jew, wanted to learn about Kabbalah. One day while in his temple a man known as Moishe the beadle questioned him and they slowly became friends. Moishe taught Elie about the Kabbalah and changed many of his views about being a Jew. When Moishe was expelled from Sighet for being a foreign Jew it was only the start of the horrors to come. Moishe escaped and told tales about how adults and babies were shot, but none believed him. Slowly the German Soldiers moved into the Jews lives and rules became stricter. The Jews couldn’t leave their houses, they were forbidden to valuables, they were forced to wear yellow stars to identify themselves, and were moved out of their homes into ghettos. Even though all these rules changed their lives they thought everything would be okay.
Chapter 1 Analysis
In times of trouble man’s inhumanity towards man grows. Throughout chapter one in the book Night by Elie Wiesel and in the Oprah Winfrey interview with Elie Wiesel the reader can see the inhumanity of others. In chapter one Moishe, a foreigner Jew, tells others about how the German Soldiers shot babies and adults. The fact that the German soldiers think that shooting people and babies is considered “right for the new people” because they are Jews shows how clearly pitiless they were. Hitler had such a strong hold over his soldiers that he convinced that shooting real live people would help the new world by showing no mercy for others. Shooting adults and even babies just for their race is really wrong because they didn’t do anything bad they were just scapegoats for others. In the Oprah Winfrey Interview Elie Wiesel explains that the soldiers shaved the...

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...naturally quiet which scared them but they find out it is one of the better concentration camps. They met a shifty tent leader who had an unusual interest in younger boys, their crazy Kapo leader Idek, and a man who tried to take Elie’s shoes. Elie worked in a warehouse with his father and made new friends. While working in the warehouse Idek their Kapo sees Elie and beats him for no reason but Later Elie is taken to the dentist to get his golden crown removed but delayed it and didn’t have to. When one of the soldiers, Idek, finds out about the golden crown he beats up Elie’s father until he gets the tooth. A few nights later a favorite Pipel was to be put to death for “working against the camp”. The normal executioner couldn’t do it so he had his soldiers do it. The Pipel was still half-alive as they walked to get dinner so that night the soup tasted of corpses.
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