Summary Of Moral Differences In The Tale Of The Black Freighter

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The Tale of the Black Freighter is a comic book within the comic book Watchmen. It tells of a story about how a castaway tries to save his town. Though its setting is different from that Watchmen, the Tale of Black Freighter is analogous to the story of Watchmen in respect of the story line, the mission to prevent peril, and the theme of moral dilemma. Both stories start with a heart of loving and the determination to prevent deadly destruction but end up in the loss of many lives. The Tale of the Black Freighter (hereafter referred to as The Tale) starts with the attack from a black freighter on the sailor’s ship. This brutal battle kills everyone except the sailor, who fears that the black freighter is going to invade their town soon. Haunted by his fear, and to save his town and his loved ones, the sailor plans to go back to give the warning. He…show more content…
To start the journey of going back home and protecting the town and his loved ones, the sailor digs out the corpses of his dear crews, which he buries to let them rest in peace, to make his way back. The sailor shouldn’t use the corpses to keep himself afloat in the sea. He is well aware that the corpses will be destroyed during the journey. However, if the sailor doesn 't use the corpses, he cannot even start his journey. Starting from the decision to use the corpses as a raft, the sailor steps onto the road to the black freighter, which owns all the corrupted souls. Likewise, Adrian faces the same dilemma. Based on his own understanding, the only way to save the world from a nuclear war is to create a more serious situation to force the world to be united together instead of battling each other. To achieve his goal of saving the world, he sacrifices half of the New York citizens. In the end, though the whole world becomes untied, Adrian is struggling with his guilty conscience of immoral killing day and

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