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Describing: In Kruger’s photo, a woman looking about in her early thirties is staring directly at the camera. Her eyebrows looked like they have been freshly tweezed, giving off the effect that both eyebrows are perfectly symmetrical. It looks like she is wearing minimal makeup, just some lipstick and a touch of mascara. In the photo frame the viewer can only see the sides of her dark hair, giving the impression that her hair must be up or tied behind her head. Her ear lobes are shown more with her hair being up, her lobes are naked with just the flesh she was born with, and no jewelry is included in her ears. The photograph is black and white, but there is a vertical line that splits the two halves of the face having the half right of the photo with an inverse filter on it. Having an inverse filter on a photograph makes the color black turn into white and vice versa. The inverse filter is constant on the right side of the photograph so whatever is black or white on the left side the colors are flipped on the right side of the image. So for example: in the photograph her eye color on the left is black, but on the right, it is white this is caused because of the inverse filter used on the monochromatic photograph. There is white text behind the color red throughout the whole piece. The size varies of the rectangular border with the text on top of them placed throughout 9 places on the photograph. The main message starts on the top of her forehead is the text “Your body” next by the bridge of her nose the text reads “is a” then finally covering her chin the text ends with “battleground”. So it finally the main message of the piece reads, as “Your body is a battle ground”. Then there are smaller borders that read instructions on w... ... middle of paper ... ... her choice, and no one of political power should be able to control the permanent damages that would happen to the woman emotionally, finically, and physically. Whereas we would have other people would argue that the baby life is so precious that we need to save all human life as much as possible, and that abortion is almost or even equivalent to murder, and possibly even say that one should practice safer sex and then they wouldn’t even need an abortion. Then you would just have some people who are ignorant to the political stance on abortion and would have zero idea of what this art piece is representing. “Kruger 's slick graphic aesthetic and use of dramatic found imagery also place this work within the purview of postmodernism, tying it not only to contemporary critique, but to the larger social and cultural responses within the period” (The Art Story staff).

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