Summary Of Jane Eyre The Self-Constructed Heroine

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Vikas Yadav
Professor April Pelt
Engl 2130
5 February 2014

Jane Eyre : The Self-Constructed Heroine
In this article author (Lorna) have been constructing of the female Bildungsroman, which means whose principal subject is the moral, psychological, and intellectual development of a usually youthful main character or development. Jane Eyre has all the determining characteristics of a traditional Bildungsroman. The plot of this novel is based on stages of growth and development. Jane's advancement from her position as teacher to private governess signifies an important development in her life. In the title ‘the self-constructed heroine’ means something that different from other heroines, like external circumstances such as wealth or status. At each moment in the novel, Jane is faced with a serious moral or emotional decision. Lorna wants to describe the different phases of life of Jane, which she faces in her life at every moment from the starting of Gateshead. Also, How Jane develops, her self-reflections become more sophisticated, and she becomes more able to benefit from them in her molding of her own life. Jane gains many pieces of knowledge about herself. She desires intellectual as well as emotional stimulation, and that her self-control often gives her control over others.

Claim 1 : Lorna claims that appearances need not always directly coincide with internal worth or character.
Evidence : She points that when Jane comes to this realization through her careful observation and analysis of Helen Burns. At first, Jane is puzzled by Helen; But as time passes, Jane comes to appreciate the depth of Helen's character while acknowledging that it was frequently hidden by her appearance. When Jane is humiliated i...

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...e of injustice. I also agreed with both of the claims.

I disagree with that part of Lorna in which she says that it is important to note that although the scenes at Gateshead demonstrate that Jane's childhood unhappiness comes largely from her inability to fit the expectations of those around her, there is no implication on the part of the narrator that Jane is in the wrong. She is unhappy because she does not fit in. I think that if she fit herself there, then she always be like her aunt Mrs. Reed and she never want to be like her. And if she fit herself there then how is it possible for Jane to feel with these phases of life and also a romantic journey.

Work cited :
Ellis Lorna. “Appearing to Diminish” Female Development and the British Bildungsroman, 1750-1850. London:Associated University Presses, (1999) p138-161. Literature Resource Center, 5 February 2014.

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