Summary Of Irony In Battle Royal By Ralph Ellison

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Irony is simply stated as the difference between what we expect to happen and what actually happens. I am a Christian and have a personal relationship with God. I was taught that we have free-will in every choice we make and our outcomes depend on our choices. Not too long ago, our preacher stated that God puts us in those problems such as drug abuse in order for us to turn to him. That goes against everything I know. That statement can be detrimental to ones’ relationship with God. In the story “Battle Royal” written by Ralph Ellison, we are introduced to an African-American narrator who is eager to rise above and become an example for the rest of the black community. He is invited to deliver a speech in front of a group of prestigious…show more content…
He graduated top of his class and the speech was a chance to showcase his potential and everything he worked hard for. He assumed he was strictly there for a speech, but was told that since “I was to be there anyway I might as well take part in the battle royal” (Ellison 276). In a ring with nine other young Black men, they were left to take part in a brutal, blindfolded brawl down to the final two. All around the ring the white men were yelling “Uppercut him”, “Kill him”, and “Knock his guts out!” (Ellison 279). These young black men were entertainment for the white men’s pleasure. The battle royal came down to the narrator and Tatlock, consequently leaving the narrator laying down on the floor with an injured eye. In the end, what seemed like a rewarding event turned into a humiliating, disheartening defeat. Then the M.C. called to us, “Come on up here boys and get your money.” (Ellison 280). It was a time to forget about the humiliating fight because it was time for their reward. The attendants rolled out a rug and covered it with coins and crumpled up bills. As soon as they signaled, they boys

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