Summary Of Incident In The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Anne Jacobs

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Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl by: Harriet Ann Jacobs Slavery was a cruel thing. Being sold from owner to owner spending your entire life under the orders of someone else just because the color of your skin, being the mother or father to a child than seeing that child being taken away from you and shipped off somewhere else, working all day not knowing when your next meal would be, and getting beaten senseless just because you made one little mistake. Well, Harriet Jacobs tells her story of slavery except from the view of a female slave through her narrator Linda Brent. The life for a female slave was hell, as if being a slave wasn’t bad enough already. Being a female slave meant that you would get stripped of a Christian…show more content…
Thinking and convincing themselves that one day they will be out of that hell hole living on their owning and controlling their own lives was the way they survived. For example, Harriet always thought of a different plan that would first get her free, but after having children, she would think of plans to get her family free. Even though none of her plans seemed to work she would never lose hope and would keep on trying. Fighting back would get them nowhere because they whites always seemed to be stronger and fighting back would result in them getting beaten half to death or worse. So instead of fighting back they would constantly try to escape from their owners and finally become a free being once they make it to the…show more content…
Even though many slaves didn’t get the opportunity to get an education, some of the slaves were lucky enough to get one through their owner. Not all slave owners were as evil as they were portrayed. Some slave owners were only the owners because it was the thing to do in the South and they didn’t want to be seen as an outcast from the others. Harriet was lucky enough to have a mistress that was able to teach her how to sew and write. She received enough education to write such a descriptive account of her experiences. This brings no surprise since many others have also written about their time as a slave and the horrific experiences that they encountered. An African American in the north didn’t have to worry much about being a slave because the north were free states. Slaves, even though they didn’t have to worry about as much, they still weren’t seen as equals. African Americans were still seen as an inferior group to the whites. America was not a slaveholding republic since the Northern states started abolishing

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