Summary Of 'Health Care Isn' T Worth Our Freedom?

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At one point in my life, I was uninsured and didn’t have health insurance which brought stress and anxiety of what I was going to do. I didn’t have the money to go to my family doctor and ended up going to a place that had a horrible appearance and I didn’t know if that doctor was a good doctor or a bad one. The check-up was around sixty dollars and I still needed some x-rays to be done which I would have spent an estimate of 250 dollars. There are about 44 million people in the United States right now without health insurance, that means that one-third of Americans are living without security whether or not they will need health insurance. People’s excuses when it comes to health care are “I can’t afford it,” or “it’s too expensive I don’t…show more content…
In his article “Health Care Isn’t Worth Our Freedom,” he talks about how our bodies is our responsibility and also he says that the government isn’t responsible for keeping us healthy. Thomas also explains how if we end up getting universal health care we will get the lowest care because not all doctors are the same and people won’t be getting the best treatment. He says that everyone has different bodies, different doctors, and different illnesses. Thomas states that having individual health care is the best just because it helps get the best treatment and keeps you in better health because it’s coming out of people’s pockets and that makes people stay in a healthier condition. “people who seek the service of auto mechanics want car repair, not auto care. Similarly, most people who seek the service of medical doctors want body repair, not health care,” (Thomas). Although, Thomas Szasz has a good point of why we shouldn’t have health care but he doesn’t go over the fact that some people cannot afford health care. Not having health care increase the numbers of death, debt, and diseases. Which heaving health care could eliminate all those three things and could start saving life’s. He has a good point, when he said that our bodies are our responsibility but he doesn’t know when it comes to poor people they don’t have any choices when it comes to money. People that don’t have health insurance don’t choice to be sick or when one of the family members becomes sick, majority of them pray for them to get better because that’s the only thing they could to help. Having universal health care can put a stop to the diseases spreading, people being in debt, and most importantly people dying because the lack of health

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