Summary Of Harold Krebs's 'Soldiers Home'

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The transformation from adolescent into adulthood can cause an individual to become conscious that it is time to uncover one’s whereabouts in the world. A majority of individuals reaches this transition effortlessly whereas others struggle to receive acceptance amongst their surroundings. In the short story “Soldiers Home” Harold Krebs’ character appears in two photographs which are critical to how his own existence transforms, beginning as a young fraternity student then following the likeness of a soldier under the effects of World War I. As well as, a third depiction apparent in images of black and white within the pages, exposing Krebs’s inability to “accept the old norms” and his failure to proceed in finding his function in life (DeFalco…show more content…
Furthermore, in his position amongst his family, he tells untruths to articulate affection, such as at the breakfast when his mom asks, “Don’t you love your mother, dear boy” (125)? “No…I don’t love anybody” (125). Which causes his mother to sob and in reaction, Krebs fib initiates a nauseous stomach. As pointed out by Johnson, “Tears blur her vision; self-pity makes her deaf to the truth. This woman is ignorant to the fact that she is embarrassing her offspring, forcing him into falseness. In the same way he expresses accounts regarding his military experience in order to acquire any attention, providing that countless tales concerning the war are being told before his arrival…show more content…
All of other soldier discovered their place once returning, except Harold, who consumes the majority of his time slumbering, reading books, playing pool, walking, and observing the young women. This approach on the pathway of his existence compels his parents to worry. As Johnston points out, “Mrs. Krebs voices the same blind faith and presents the same ambition for her son which is a good job and marriage to a girl. Thus, Krebs discovers no tranquility upon the home front and needs to discover himself, as a result, his family is trying to reconnect him with humanity to become a productive citizen.
In conclusion, Harold Kerbs is experiencing similar characteristic of countless veterans who coming back from the war experience. Krebs family anxiety over his alienation from the actual world; although they do not seem to understand the intensity of the problem. Not to mention war has taken away any kind of feelings he might have with approaching life. That gives us a living representation in the way battle can dehumanize a human mind, but in addition shows how civilization encounters individual whose minds are with trauma after returning. In conclusion, Krebs doesn’t consume the strength thus far to
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