Summary Of Hamlet In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet, one of Shakespeare 's characters from one of his many tragic plays, is the prince of Denmark. Hamlet is the son of King Hamlet and Gertrude. Throughout the play prince Hamlet is faced with many decisions that could lead to his death, on his journey to avenge his father 's death. Hamlet struggles with making decisions on killing his uncle, the new King, Claudius. His ways of being very analytical and being hesitant are what lead to his fatal death.
At the beginning of the play King Hamlet is murdered by his very own brother, Claudius. Hamlet had been very depressed with the death of his father. After speaking to his father 's ghost, he made him a promise of getting revenge on his uncle for killing him; However, Hamlet knew that
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Hamlet goes out of his way to figure out the truth behind King Hamlets death. Hamlet sets up a play called "The Mouse Trap" he adds a scene of the King in the play getting murdered by another man, Hamlet was waiting to see the reaction Claudius would have towards the play. As Hamlet 's play goes on, King Claudius ends the play, he is completely frustrated with the play and demands everyone to leave. Claudius now knows Hamlet is out to get him. Hamlet was able to reveal the truth behind his father 's death and believes both Claudius and Gertrude had a part in the murder of his father. When Hamlet finally has the opporunity to kill Claudius, he is about to kill King Claudius; however, Hamlet 's ways of being analytical are what stop him from killing him while he was praying. Hamlet thought that King Claudius would go to heaven and he felt as if killing him, he would be doing a favor. Hamlet decides to wait to kill Claudius at that moment and kill him when he is still carrying his sins. He knows that by committing murder, he could also go to hell. Hamlet should have killed the King and have gotten his revenge, with killing the King many of the other deaths from the play could have been
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