Summary Of Gently Falls The Bakula By Sudha Murthy

Why did I choose this book?
I chose the book “Gently Falls the Bakula” by Sudha Murthy because of various reasons. Firstly, it is beautiful love story. Then the summary of the book gave a fair idea about the problems faced by the protagonist of the story, Shrimati which I think every Indian woman will feel connected to in one or the other way.
Not every story has a happy ending, not every story is like our fairy tales, there are stories in real life which has a sad ending when the love dies and feeling of sacrifices and ego develops between two partners.
Summary of the book- Gently Falls The Bakula
It’s one of the best novel on relationship. It is a beautiful story of two different individuals- Shrikant and Shrimati Deshpande, living in small town of North Karnataka, Hubli, where both approach life very differently from each other. They were neighbours and star students of their schools who fell in love with each other and got married. It is a story showing how their marriage looses its way as
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The summary on the book gave me the fair idea of what the story is but only by reading it I understood the emotions filled in the story. I somehow realized the importance of relationship after reading this book and realized that it’s never the fault of situation that we are not able to find out time for our loved ones, instead it’s all about one’s priorities. It depends on the person to choose between his career or family or rather maintain a balance between both. I loved the ending but I think it could have been concluded in a better way. Being a typical girl I would rather like a fantasized happy ending where Shrikant would have changed and declined the New York stock exchange listing offer and instead go out and search for her lost love Shrimati and bring her back after making her realize how much he loves her and then live happily ever after with
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