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Overview Eric Wright’s Twins is unique and original story about a writer and his wife that leaves a lot to the mind while you are reading it. It is a story that makes you predict the outcome and keeps you interested on whether or not those outcomes will come true or not. It is a short story that has excellent characters that are in conflict against each other from the beginning but is not revealed until the climax. Any reader of this story will put this down feeling satisfied with the fantastic plot and great setting. Background Have you ever heard that twins could have completely different personalities, they could be friends, siblings, or possibly even enemies. Author Eric Wright creates a story about a writer who specializes in writing …show more content…

“I want to get it right,” he said. “After making the mistake in the last book about how long it takes to get from Toronto to Detroit, I want this one to be watertight. So just go along with me until I’m sure that it’ll work.”” he is portrayed throughout the story to be superior, yet he is killed by his wife with his own plan that he created because he was cheating on his wife with another women. Mrs Coates, starts her story as believed to be less intelligent than her husband but proves the theory wrong by turning his own plan against him, her and her husband have been known to be similar in appearance, and also similar in personality. This makes the story a tad outlandish because if the couple was so similar why would he cheat on her, and why would he plot to kill …show more content…

I thought that the husband was just telling his story then they went to a motel and fought then went home, it was only when I saw the police get involved where I found out I missed something. I enjoyed this story the most out of all the stories we had to read, after reading it I found the feud between the two characters to be a exceptional battle of wits until they show their hand in the climax and are forced to attempt to kill one another. The other stories I read took a less subtle approach to their conflicts and I think that is where a lot of the other stories fell short to me, the climax is more satisfying when it isn't expected or revealed before that. Overall, Twins by Eric Wright takes on a very underrated approach of having the conflict be mainly in the characters heads until one chooses to make a move, I found this made the story a lot better than the other options and it will without a doubt, leave you satisfied when it is

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that eric wright's twins is an original story about a writer and his wife that leaves much to the mind while you are reading it.
  • Analyzes how eric wright creates a story about an infuriating writer who specializes in writing crime novels and makes sure his plots work and are actually plausible.
  • Analyzes how mariani2husband and a wife scout out an area in the north for the husband's next book when he reveals the plot of his murder mystery was real and attempted to kill his wife.
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