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Sometimes the passing of a loved one or significant other is hard to recover from. Many times it feels like a component of you has departed. This is a common theme in Edgar Allan Poe’s 1894 poem “Annabel Lee.” Poe as the narrator describes the death of his betrothed and gives a brief flashback of how life was before she died. He also describes in detail how difficult it is for him to overcome the obstacle that is her passing. Grief is a tough obstacle and an immense burden; oftentimes it is very hard to move on from. One of the first, and most obvious things the reader notices when they read the piece is the dreary and melancholy mood that it is apparent throughout. However, the mood of the piece lowers even more as the piece progresses despite the miniscule level at…show more content…
“In this tomb by the sea,” is used in stanza 6 in this poem to describe what the narrator thinks of his situation and his surroundings following his lover’s recent death (- Poe 1). This once powerful kingdom that Poe described has now vanished and became a desolate “Tomb by the sea.” The narrator utilizes this image to show how much of an impact the death of his inamorata had on him. His lover had changed his views of the situation and living conditions that he was in, and without her, it feels more like a tomb than the kingdom he spoke of stanzas before. Poe uses the term tomb, not only to represent in the literal sense that she was buried by the sea, but also in the figurative sense as how he feels on the inside after his lover has passed on. This mood shift from the beginning of the piece to the end highlights just how much he loved this young maiden. His Annabel Lee was his world and his world had fallen apart when she passed away. This is a parallel to the thesis because the narrator does show just how hard it is to overcome the grief that sets in with a loved one’s

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