Summary Of Cleófilas

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Before Cleófilas got married, to Juan Pedro and moved across the border, she was more of a free woman. There are times where Cleófilas would remember her past, back when she lived in Mexico with her family. As she describes her life there we can see a difference in her setting in Cleófilas hometown, where she grew up we can see how happy and comfortable she was here. Mexico is a place that she knew well, she had people to talk, and there were things for her to do, she as well has her family there for. Cleófilas had the warmth of her family, even with not having a mother, she still grown up with her father and six brothers; these were the men she had in her life before her husband. Even if, Cleófilas had never ending chores, putting up with her father’s complaining and her brothers, she still had them they were family. Her father took over the mothering role of Cleófilas 's deceased mother, he was a kind-hearted person who cared for his daughter, treats her like a princess, "I am your father, I will never abandon you," (Cisneros, 246) his promise to Cleófilas. Back in Mexico Cleófilas had many women around her, from her aunts, godmothers, and girlfriends; they…show more content…
Cleófilas’ father wanted her to marry Juan Pedro Martinez Sanchez, so what if she did not get married to her husband and moved to Seguin, Texas. Cleófilas would not be in a position of being a person’s possession and suffered the abuse of her husband. She would not be in an isolated world away from her family, or any real support that can help her through all the things she has to go through. Cleófilas explains that she did not “cry out” when her husband hits her for the first time, but she has always imagined she would after watching episodes of her favorite telenovelas. This was also the first time in the story that Cleofilas’ view of their happy marriage was
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