Summary Of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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The manner in which we speak may vanish tomorrow but our writing may live on for many, many years. Literature is set out to educate many and has become a helpful tool for mankind without it we wouldn’t know most of the worlds history. Chinua Achebe has provided such in a novel called “Things Fall Apart” in which a series of different opinions are presented to a community that is suddenly challenged to give up their tradition. In light of the situations stated in the book, the reader can profoundly understand its true meaning and its historical significance. George Orwell brings forth a novel including the power of guidance, void, and speech called “Animal Farm.” Orwell uses anthropomorphism to depict communication skills and educating…show more content…
The main character is Okonkwo a man that has worked hard for all the things he owns, dedicated to his tradition but has a very short-temper. In fact, demonstrates his loyalty to his religion by caring for” Ikemefuna an adoptive son he community gave to him to care for the time being, but then was sent to murder with his own machete.”(Achebe 42) Afterwards Okonkwo and his family are forced to leave the Umuofia village for committing an unintentional crime and may only return within seven years. However, as time passes white men begin to settle in Umuofia and teach the village people about Christianity. The village people we kind enough to allow the white men to settle in the” Evil Forest where the clan would bury those who died because of evil diseases such as smallpox.”(Achebe 105) The white man began to preach in the village, soon built their own church where some began to attend and by the time of Okonkwo and his family return the village was torn apart. The remaining members of the tribe held a meeting in which Okonkwo stated “I shall fight alone if I choose” (Acheba 140) his use of figurative language sadly didn’t go as far as he had hoped since they were interrupted by a messenger of the white men. Thus, the reader begins to comprehend the true meaning behind the title as…show more content…
The story begins with a powerful speech made by Old Major an old pig who speaks of rebellion to a farm of animals living in Manor Farm but sadly dies days after. In addition, Old Major’s greatest inspiration was set upon a hyperbole in the song ”Beast of England” which illustrates a world run by animals and no longer in the hands of mankind as states in the eight line “Shall be trod by beast alone.”(Orwell 32-33) Within the following days the animals in the farm unknowingly strike back at their owner’s negligence and cause a rebellion. Napoleon and Snowball were two young pigs that set out to build a new farm for the benefit of all the animals in the farm, renamed the farm as Animal Farm, and set forth seven commandments. As time went by the farm prospered, disagreements rose within the two, leading to Snowballs exile, and Napoleon’s title as the Leader. The seven commandments began to change for instance the sixth now stated “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.”(Orwell 98) The naïve farm animals would believe that commandments had stated so before but they had simply forgotten. Soon enough the pigs began to wear clothes and by the time the “farm animals looked upon the pigs and men they saw no difference.”(Orwell 139) Therefore, the reader yet again realizes things don’t always go the way we had wished

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