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Revelations is a contemporary style dance that tells the story of African-American faith and tenacity from slavery to freedom through a suite of dances set to spirituals and blues music.This choreographic work was first performed in New York City on January 31,1960 at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and later recognized to be a signature piece for the theater. Alvin Ailey is the original choreographer of the masterpiece titled “Revelations” and also the founder of the dance theater where the piece Revelations is mainly showcased, Ailey was an African-American born January 5,1931 in Rogers, TX , only 29 when he decided to develop this dance piece. There was a time where opportunities for male dancers like himself was severely limited, so that 's when he decided to establish his work, this dance performance was Ailey 's idea for African Americans to express their talents,cultural history, and experience and was also encouraged by his memories of living in the south and his understanding of human development. …show more content…

This wonderful piece displays the time period in which slavery was taken place , reconstruction, baptism , going to church , and brushes up on the idea of how African American humans developed from the time when they were being devalued and treated like "nothing more than animals." Revelations is a very popular piece, reason being that the choreography is so magnificent at telling it 's story it comes off as an inspiration for the viewers. At the start of this piece it was originally ten sections, but later on sections was constantly removed as the work progressed over time. Revelations are now divided into three sections "Pilgrim of Sorrow," "Take Me to the Water" and "Move,Members,Move" which are all unique in their own

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that revelations is a contemporary style dance that tells the story of african-american faith and tenacity from slavery to freedom through dances set to spirituals and blues music.
  • Analyzes how ailey's style of dancing focuses more on the african american theme so the audience can take away a detailed visual of the hardships that african americans had to face.
  • Analyzes how ailey's "pilgrim of sorrow" is about slavery and becoming free. it shows poverty,darkness, and hopelessness.
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