Summary Of Adolf Hitler By Mein Kampf

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In 1939 a terrible war started. This war was World War II. World War II started when Germany, Japan, and Italy tried to take over all the other countries in the world. However, America did not get involved in the war until December seventh, 1941 and this day was the attack on Pearl Harbor. That attack brought us in to join World War II. America became allies with England and Russia. A couple years after the war started Germany started to become very powerful, and started to take over multiple countries. Adolf Hitler lead Germany on his way to high power. Many forces tried to stop him along with Germany, but almost everyone was unsuccessful in stopping them. Especially if they were invading your country, many were unsuccessful in stopping the German soldiers from invading their country. Throughout the war many innocent people died. Although Adolf Hitler was the head ruler of Germany although he was not born there. He was born in Austria, which is on the Southern border of Germany. When Hitler tried to take over the government he was put in jail. During his time in prison he wrote a book called Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf means my struggle in German. He wrote this after Germany surrendered in World War I. The fact that Germany surrendered in the first World War made him very angry and frustrated. His book was all about Germany rising back up to be a strong country once again. After the book was published many people believed in his ideas for Germany coming back. Hitler than got out of jail to help express his ideas on help running Germany in their government and military strengths. Adolf was a great public speaker, so he gave many speaches about Germany rising up from defeat and being a leading country once again. Hitler was chancellor... ... middle of paper ... ...e you gray stripped outfits. Also when you first checked in you were no longer a person, you did not have a name. You were from then on out a number, and your number was tattooed on your wrist. Six million jews were murdered during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a huge massacre. All the events stated in this essay have all contributed to why we learn about the Holocaust. All of these horrible events have affected the world we live on, and how everyone treats each other. We learned not to judge people based on their views or appearance. Everyone has learned something about the Holocaust. The world has learned not to repeat an even like this ever again. If an event like this never happens again, than a lot of lives will be saved. Now everyone knows not to stereo type people based on their views or appearance. Also now everyone hopes history does not repeat itself.

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