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During the 1800s to 1960s, blacks and other dark skinned races were discriminated against. During this period, whites had certain rights that dark skinned races didn’t have. Prior to this time period, blacks were also discriminated and enslaved. Due to the Emancipation Proclamation of 1929, the blacks were supposed to be freed but then laws that were created segregated them from the whites. Certain laws didn’t allow them to use the same public facilities that whites used. Due to these laws, the Negro Leagues were created, which allowed dark skinned players to play baseball on a professional level. Numerous court cases and laws passed during the Nineteenth century were instrumental in the creation of Negro Leagues since they completely segregated blacks from whites. One of these court cases was Plessy v. Ferguson which began on April 18, 1896 and was decided on May 18,1896. The decision of this court case stated that blacks and whites were “separate but equal”. Plessy v. Ferguson basically stated that segregation between blacks and whites was constitutional. It also stated that blacks had to use separate public facilities from the whites (Plessy). Another law that segregated blacks from whites was the Black Codes. The Black Codes were laws that were unique for each state in the United States. The first states to pass the Black Codes were Mississippi and South Carolina in 1865. During this time, blacks were supposed to be “free” but these codes still forced them to work as servants and farmers unless they paid an annual tax of $10 to $100. Blacks were still penalized for there actions. Also, in certain states, blacks had to have written evidence of employment. If they didn’t have evidence, they would be punished and were subject... ... middle of paper ... ...n v. Board of Education stated that the decision of Plessy v. Ferguson was unconstitutional. It also allowed blacks and whites to attend the same schools. The decision of Brown v. Board of Education was also a beginning to the abolishment of segregation (Brown). In conclusion, the decision of Plessy v. Ferguson and the Black Codes were the main reasons for the creation of the Negro Leagues. After they were created, blacks were allowed to show their talent to whites. The Negro Leagues allowed many blacks to get one step closer to their dream, which was to play in the MLB. Due to the creation of the Negro Leagues, many other countries created their own league. The first country to do this was Cuba and then many others followed. The Negro Leagues had a great affect on the world and if it wasn’t for them many blacks wouldn’t be able to play baseball in the MLB.

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