Sumatran Tiger

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With only an estimated 400 or less of them, left in the wild Sumatran tigers Panthera tigris sumatrae are especially in need of a good and enriching environment to live within Auckland Zoo. Tasking the keepers with not only basic care of them such as feeding and washing, but also keeping the tigers healthy enough physically to breed and conserve the dying species, while also keep them sane within their small and caged environment, to educate the public with the beauty of the animal along with what's happening to them and how to stop or at least try to stop them from being one of the three already extinct subspecies of tiger. This report shows clearly Auckland Zoo's role in the successful provision of a biophysical environment of the born in captivity Sumatran tigers currently living within the zoo grounds. Comparing the role of the tiger’s survival in the wild vs the environment that the captive tigers live in. Inclusive of an analysis on the consequences on current and past human activity within the Sumatran tigers biophysical environment in connection to a manageable future, majorly focusing on the three current Sumatrans at Auckland Zoo and the decreasing amount in the wild. Last but not least this report will also show role we have seen Auckland Zoo play in the upkeep of the Sumatran tigers along with the difficulties and gratifying results shown through the education of the public and how they may play a key part in maintaining the survival of the species, in association with cultural, social, economical and environmental sustainability. The Sumatran Tiger's Habitat. In the inhabited island of Sumatra the Sumatran tiger Panthera tigris sumatrae lives within a diverse ecological niche. Tigers in general can live in a variety ... ... middle of paper ... ...s. What may seem like such a simple thing can cause many negative things for both the humans and the tigers affected. Because the size of the tigers hunting range would not change they would begin finding easy prey through the farmers livestock, which would cost money for the farmers, thus causing them to become angry with the predators taking what may be their life source. This gives the tiger a bad reputation within the community as well as scary them again causing tigers to be possibly be killed for the towns peoples safety. So along with killing the tigers due to territory overlapment they are also taking away space for the tigers natural prey as well as squeezing all the tigers together causing more territorial battles within the species through intraspecific competition. Making it harder for tigers to reproduce as there is limited places for them to go.
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