Suicide Rates Among Religious Groups

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Emile Durkheim, is a founder of sociology who conceived a theory of suicide and the relationship with society. His case study of suicide, explored the differences of suicide rates among religious groups. He observed the rate of suicide varied among time and location and, was not determined by religious views. He found people felt intertwine of social surrounding of social factors that produce suicide and, different social classes emerged from the discovery. Durkheim book “Suicide” makes a distinction between suicide and suicide rate. Durkheim uses of longitudinal study from various countries, to understand the variations of suicide rates in different societies. He studied the suicide number more stable than compared the mortality rate. Durkheim research emerged with different typology in regards of suicide. Altruistic suicide, happens when there is an excessive regulations by social forces. Altruism suicide is committed for the benefits for the community that included self-sacrifice. The social situations and conducts is determined by values and norms. Altruist believes obstacles and burden and try to find alternatives methods to find hope and happiness. The loss of family dynamics, economic growth and shelter cause, the persons to perform voluntary death, for specific circumstances. To help understand the process that motivates people to die for society, is parallel between suicide terrorism and honor of a person death. People who commit suicide in the means to benefit society, is shown in suicide bombers. Suicide terrorism is motivated violence that requires death of perpetrator, to innocent targets in order quantify their motivations. Strong discipline and repression are important characteristics of suicide bomber... ... middle of paper ... ...ople who are unable to achieve economic growth and security, decide to end their issues with suicide. Economic constraints contributed to inequalities, decrease in economic stability and hopelessness among people spread of suicide. Suicide is a sin in Protestant, Catholics and Jews. There is a differences in religious groups. Catholicism, faith, rituals and embedment in the community. A contrast, to Protestant that does not have a strong relationships with the community. Durkheim research found Jews had lower suicide rates because of strong community ties, unity and integrations. The strong communities ties have shown the Jewish to have a lower suicide rate among, the religious groups. Higher educations can account for the low suicide rate for Jews. The quest for knowledge, not for beliefs which causes the differences between the different religious groups.
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