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Suicide and Society Individuals in society experience many changes that can make them feel overwhelm or feel accepted by their friends, family members and the rest of society. But there is times when people feel that they do not fit or feel welcome in their social group. Many people face their difficulties and achieve success others are do not have such luck. The individuals that are not lucky finishes their life committing suicide. Suicide is an act of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally that affects not only immediate family and friends but indicates factors in society that are influencing individuals to commit this act. Is important to understand what aspects in society are making individuals to take their own live? And if rapid changes in social life and technology affecting individual’s emotions to a point that stress can be unbearable? Suicides have been part of society for centuries. Since biblical the acts of suicide have existed, religious individuals saw it like the act of the devil. It was approved by the Greeks on certain circumstances like ordered by the state, unbearable pain and no treatable illness. In today society for the unbearable pain and no treatable illness we call it assisted suicide or euthanasia which is the deliberate action with the express intention of ending a life to relived intractable pain (SOARS, 2015). The field of Sociology has three major social theories, theoretical perspective, conflict perspective and functionalist perspective. Functional perspective is the one that is chosen to examine suicide and the influence in society. Functionalist perspective is a system of interconnected parts that work together in harmony to maintain a state of balance and social equilibrium for ... ... middle of paper ... ...t like a storm making it one of the most useful tools especially in young generations. While using social media individuals are expose to others ideas, emotions and opinions that could encourage them to adopt suicidal behaviors. Emili Durkheim curiosity in understanding suicide and how society was involved is the foundation to most of the studies conducted. Society evolves constantly and individuals need to accept the changes and adjust to a certain point where they can feel comfortable with them. The inability to adapt is going to affect some individuals to an extent I which they will end their life. Family, friends and social groups bring support to a strong relationship between individuals. As long we continue studying reasons that could trigger suicide we will be able to understand more in depth individuals thoughts and we can extended the help that they need.

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