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Death, its such an unexpected thing that happens to everyone at some point in their life. Some people die old, some go young. Others go without warning, just disappear from our lives without explanation. No letter, note or goodbye, they just leave us to never return. Death, or in this situation suicide. Such a horrible thing to the average person to lose someone that way. Never knowing why they did it, left with loose ends that will never be tied up. For others its a glorious thing, the accept it as a way of life or something that has to be done to “save” them or their family. Suicide is looked differently in a particular culture compared to how americans see it. The samurais see it as honor to them or their loved ones after dishonoring them. To them its not something to be feared but to be excepted, death in this form will bring back honor so that their families don't have to suffer in their lives. In America though suicide is seen as such a horrible thing. We don't understand why someone would take their life so soon, what would push them to decide to end their life? Most americans fear death, they can't stare him in the eye and except what is going to happen to them, but some few stare at death and welcome him. Every person, culture, state, country sees suicide in a different way. Either in Peace, honor and respect or as something unexplainable and all too sudden, some might even just see it as something that happened and never second guess it. How ever a person and place may view it we are all impacted the same way.
Samurai's Garden is a great example of someone looking into the eyes of death and accepting him. Kenzo accepted death when he took his life after he felt he had dishonored his friends. Most people would be confus...

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...ere a loss of status would be catastrophic to the chances of genes replicating.” (Lloyd, Nikolas) This quote really shows exactly how people in japan feel when it comes to honor and social status. They truly believe that suicide is the way to correct all mistakes made and to protect the family from outside eyes.
To any person who isn't from Japan or have ties to their culture would believe that this is outrageous. When someone makes a mistake we learn to forgive them and move on. We wouldn't force them to end their life. In Japan though it would be outrageous for someone to dishonor their family and not take their life so that the family may continue their lives in peace and honor. Too different cultures with completely different views on something so serious. This just goes to show how cultures and views can really affect someone's decision to take their life.
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