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Every day ninety Americans take their own life, and 2,300 more attempt to do so (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 2010). That estimates to one death caused by suicide every fifteen minutes. Suicide is the eleventh cause of death in the United States. Every time two people die by homicide three people die from suicide (Associates, Evan, Farberow, 2003, p. 122). Many people in the United States tend to think suicide has been defined for many years. In fact suicide practices has been recorded since the earliest of times, but “suicide” itself has only been known since 1662. The first recording of suicide was written by Edward Phillips. “Edward Phillip wrote ‘for New World of Worlds, stating 'suicide' is a barbarous word, more appropriately derived from... 'Sui' as if it were a swinish part of a man to kill himself' (Associates, Evan, Farberow, 2003, p. xv). Even though the word itself has only been known for 400 plus years, the practice has been done since the Egyptian time. The Egyptians were neutral to the idea of suicide and even allowed people to have an “execution by suicide”. These practices occurred until in the Roman era where Christianity influenced the negativity toward suicide. Suicide has its different meanings like everything else in this world. The three main definitions are Suicide, Suicide attempt, and Suicide ideation. Each one is vastly different from one another. Suicidal people have the mentality that they are helpless. They also have untreated depression in which people do not usually see. Every day ninety percent of suicides are people who have untreated depression, which people tend to ignore the deadly signs of depression. This writer states not many people know much about suicide, that people tend...

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