Sugarcult’s DeSantis Dishes out a Dose of Reality

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Sugarcult’s DeSantis Dishes out a Dose of Reality Then entertainment business is a cutthroat coup a musician such as Marko DeSantis can easily survive. He has successfully overcome vocational challenges set in place to ensure those who remain in the industry are here for the right reasons. DeSantis’s inherent belief that the best bands are romanticized with twenty-twenty vision shows a depth few artists choose to acknowledge in an epoch where being a dreamer has been forgotten. The pop-punk lead guitarist does not sugarcoat reality or what he enjoys as an artist. Sugarcult is not running a pre-recorded movie and some of the doors which were open to them come via triumphing through disaster. Reality is not a hard truth to swallow for anyone who wants to remain successful in the music industry. Marko DeSantis claims, “Rock N” Roll is not like studying medicine. You start off as an undergraduate then work on getting your masters degree while working in the basement. Having a PhD is going on tour with Green Day.” Prior to harvesting the success he has attained and maintained through being the lead guitarist of the pop-punk band named Sugarcult he was a Renaissance man. The polymath has worked numerous jobs the music industry relies on to be successful and in turn made DeSantis a sensation. “Every night you play you are playing to the fans that know and love you or you win people over like a first date every time,” said the rocker. An insightful Renaissance man has seen the music business from several points of view. The musician professes, “…it’s real; it is not a Broadway musical. It’s live; very sexual. Same position every time, every night we play ‘Bouncing of the Walls’ it will be a little different.” In term... ... middle of paper ... ...up with you because you love your band more. All you think about, everything you do, and all your work on is your obsession,” Marko divulges. The music business feels like a game where you need loyal alliances to maneuver your way through the competition. What makes the Sugarcult member captivating off stage is he is not censored-he is refreshingly raw while grasping reality. Raw sugar is better than bleached sugar cane which changes the form in the process-the only changes Sugarcult fans see are positive ones. The jack of of all trades has learned a great deal on his road to success while adhering to the fact you pave your way through struggling against the odds set before you. Marko exudes an essence of an evolved artist not concerned with fame that will dissipate with the strobe light because he preserves his professional stance with a personal touch.

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