Suffragettes Essay

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Throughout history, women have fought to obtain the same rights as men. A major right some women, known as suffragettes, struggled to gain was the right to vote. The efforts and success of the suffragettes from the 19th and 20th century helped mold the women of today. They have done so by giving modern women greater opportunities, challenging the stereotypes of women, and by being inspirational female figures. The fight for women’s suffrage had its roots early in the seventeenth century. The earliest recorded instance of a woman seeking suffrage in America occurred in 1648, with a woman named Margaret Brent. Brent was a property owner in Maryland, who was entrusted with managing the estate of Governor Leonard Calvert after his death. The Calverts were the Proprietors of Maryland, and had close ties with the Brents. ("Margaret Brent (1601-1671)") In 1645, a few years before his death, Leonard Calvert had hired a group of soldiers to defend his new colony during Ingle’s Rebellion. ("Margaret Brent ") Soon after he died however, those soldiers demanded their pay. Since Brent had used all of the governor’s money to pay his many debts, she did not have any way of paying the soldiers. Yet, she came up with an idea to pay the soldiers and stop them from revolting. On January 21, 1648, Brent requested two votes in the Maryland General Assembly. She wanted one vote for herself as a property owner and another for being Lord Baltimore’s attorney. Brent wanted to convince the Assembly to pass a tax that would help pay the soldiers. However, the new Governor denied her request, refusing to give a woman such power in the Assembly. Despite having her request denied, Brent did not give up trying. In the end, she sold some of Lord Baltimore’s ca... ... middle of paper ... ...omen won full voting rights. ("Woman Suffrage Timeline (1840-1920)") While NAWSA finally reached their goal, they did not stop there. The organization became the League of Women Voters, which still exists today. The League actively encourages women to participate in voting to shape public policy, and has expanded to educate all people. The suffragettes who helped reach the goal of women’s suffrage are all very important figures in history. Without them, modern women probably would not have the right to vote. Gaining women’s suffrage increased the amount of opportunities women could have in politics, and paved the way for them to continue striving towards gender equality. Overall, suffragettes in history have had a lasting impact on modern women by giving them more opportunities in politics, challenging gender roles, and by being incredibly inspirational women.