Suffering from Anorexia

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Suffering from Anorexia

We often hear of people who suffer every day from different illnesses such as

AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, and many other types of illnesses. We tend to forget about

the illness that affects the life of about eight million Americans in witch 90% of them

are women. One of the main types of eating disorders is called Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is a illness that is caused by intense fear of gaining weight or

becoming over weight. It is also caused by an excessive weight loss from restricting food

to the body and continuing to exercise. Anorexia Nervosa is not related to any preexisting

physical illnesses, and it is found mainly in adolescents especially young women.

“Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder” according to psychologists. The illness

is mainly caused by negative feelings towards appearance, depression, and low self-


Women today highly affected by the need to look perfect. According to the survey

in GLAMOUR magazine it shows that out of 33,000 women 85% of them were not very

happy with there body and over all appearance. Women would go as far as they can to

look like the cover girl model. The results of this, is good for the distributors of diet pills,

and the miracle drinks but at the same time it destroys the young women of America.

What may start out to be a simple diet can turn into a deadly illness. Once a person starts

by skipping meals, the illness starts off showing results with very fast weight loss.

The disease is on the rise amongst athletes, both in men and women. Athletes

minds tell them that in order to be the best, they need to look the best and to look the best

they have to be as skinny as possible. Anorexia is also common in gymnastics, and it can

be clearly seen in a young woman named Christy Henrich whose life fell short when

anorexia took over her mind, body, and soul. At the young age of twenty-tow years old

she died of many organ failures. At age of twenty-two her weight was only sixty-one

pounds. “A person passes the point of no return and no matter what you do to try to cure
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