Suffer In Job In The Bible And Job's Job

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Often times when people are in pain they ask what they did to deserve it. Whether this be by asking God or others around them, people generally want a reason as to why they must carry an extra burden compared to others. Many people believe that suffering is an effect of behaving badly, such as in the ideas of karma and the retribution doctrine. Others, however, believe that everyone suffers, and it is just a normal part of life that helps people to grow and mature. In the book of Job in The Bible, Job experiences suffering through the loss of his material possessions but he does not question God’s reasoning. However, when the pain worsens and becomes more physical, Job begins to ask God what he has done to deserve the severe misery that…show more content…
Augustine’s belief on priorities. Augustine believed that people can love things in proportional amounts to their significance compared to God. For example, the least amount of love should be given for sinful acts and earthly possessions and above those things can be the love for other people. However, significantly superior to everything else should be the love for God. In his famous book, Confessions, Augustine confesses that in his younger years he “lived in misery, like every man whose soul is tethered by the love of things that cannot last and then is agonized to lose them.” (Confessions IV.6.1). In this way, he suggests that suffering occurs when people love other things more than they should, and don’t give enough love to the only immortal being that will never disappear, God. In the same case with Job, he believes that his main priority is God and that he should not worry about the destruction of his material belongings because they have little significance compared to the significance of God.

Job’s understanding of suffering alters drastically once God allows Satan to physically harm Job. Job still does not denounce God, but he does demand an explanation for his suffering. He asks “Is there any wrong on my tongue?”(Job 6:30) because he does not understand why he, a strict follower of the Lord, is being punished so intensely without him committing any abominable
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