Suddenly Empty Chair

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1. I would classify the narrative, "The Suddenly Empty Chair," as a subjective narrative. The difference in a subjective narrative and an objective is, that objectives you record details without making any personal evaluation or reaction. In a subjective narrative, you are free to interpret details for your readers. The narrative shows details from in writers point of view such as, "that one day he walked in with bloodshot eyes and stubble outlining his boyish complexion." The writer clearly give an example of her opinion of what details she saw of the boy that day. 2. I think the writer chose to tell what happened in the order that he did to draw readers in and to make the purpose clear. The way that Choi told the story was to begin at…show more content…
They flew him to the hospital in a helicopter but he passed away before they could make it there. The white van was never to be seen again and the local police station could never arrest anyone for the crime. Who would have ever thought that a white van could drive away with my heart. Objective-One of your favorite life experiences- The Lost Family 5. A family named, the Addams, was going on a vacation in Franklin, North Carolina. The family stayed in a cabin along the Little Tennessee River, the cabin had a rope bridge a little ways down that the family could enjoy. The Adams first went whitewater rafting down the Nantahala, and then zip lining through the trees. The next night the family went out to dinner and then to an arcade with games, bumper cars and go karts. On the final night of their trip the two daughters of the Addams family wanted to go tubing down the Little Tennessee River. The family agreed and the Addams when and put in at an old county store they had seen earlier in the day. When the Addams put in, it was about five o'clock and all the members that were going decided to leave there phone in the truck because they were scared they would get wet. The Addams family's mom and her friend decided to say back so they could get the truck back to the
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