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Many people have a false belief that they will be successful in college just because they were successful in high school. I have learned that being successful in college doesn’t come naturally, it’s something that I will have to work at to succeed. I believe that I can be a successful student if I remember to use good study skills, master self-management, and believe in myself.
The first step in being a successful student is to use good study skills. Parker,(2011) states “that students with a higher GPA study more hours per day and partake in fewer hours of entertainment in their daily lives”.(p1) The type of study skills needed depends on what type of learner the person is. I am more of a visual learner so therefore hands on learning is
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I don’t have this skill mastered yet and it can be extremely difficult for me at times. However, I know it will be the key to my success. Life can be busy, especially when you have a full-time job, you’re a mother, a wife, an active member at church, and a full-time student. Actually is has been quite overwhelming at times but with practice I will master it. I can do this by creating a schedule for every area of my life. For work and school there are deadlines that need to be made, if I have them on a schedule I will be better prepared for them and I will be less likely to forget something. Scheduling my test dates and study time will prevent me from waiting too late to prepare for a test. When I have a scheduled time for things it will help me to stay on course. I have a tendency to procrastinate and I have found that having things written down helps me not to wait until the last minute. For instance, I work Monday through Friday with occasional mandatory games or productions after work, I go to church three times a week with occasional singing practice, and then there is my online classes that have deadlines by Friday, having a schedule for all of these things I can see that I may have only one or two days to get my assignments done and that prevents me from waiting until the last day to do
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