Successful Drug Treatment

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When examining the issue of successful drug treatment, it is important to consider all aspects affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Upon researching the multitude of issues, it has become very clear that a great deal of efforts are currently being researched to ensure prevention and treatment for alcohol addiction and drug abuse that impacts, not only the abuser, but their families, to include the community as a whole (“National Institute of Drug Abuse.”). The success clearly depends upon individual’s compliance and the community’s willingness to provide adequate and appropriate treatment.
As discussed by Editor, Raymond Goldberg and his colleagues, it has been difficult to convey the eminent need for treatment, and the proper protocol for measuring the success therein. In the ‘YES’ selection, The National Institute on Drug Abuse, acknowledges this difficulty, but also contends, that extended treatment yields more fruitful results (Goldberg 401). The ‘No’ category, chief concern is with the scientific approach for collecting data, and what constitutes drug treatment is also unclear (Goldberg 401). While acknowledging this complaint, it is apparent that the focus of the ‘NO’ category only spotlighted a small portion of the problem. Unfortunately they also inadequately utilized the widespread and available research in scoping the multitude of efforts and improvements pertaining to drug treatment.
Principle Guidelines of Effective and Successful Treatment
 Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior.
 Matching treatment settings, interventions, and services to an individual’s particular problems and needs is critical to his or her ultimate success in returning to productive functioni...

... middle of paper ... research will provide improved procurement for future amendments in drug treatment programs.

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