Successful College Student Essay

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College students hear the same advice over and over, from getting involved in extracurricular activities to studying to time management. Most first year college students have a hard time coping with the change of moving to college and the stress that comes with it. How do you become a successful college student? To be a successful college student, the student needs to have a goal. The ultimate goal could be a future career, graduate school, or just wanting to further their education. Students do not simply go to college because their parents told them to go to college, or because it is the next thing to do after high school. Successful college students go to college to further their knowledge and to pursue a career they are passionate about. Why would one waste a lot of money to go to college when they do not have any motivation to be there?
To be a successful college student, you need to set priorities and have time management. Chegg (2011) said that for every student, college is a balancing act between going to classes, doing homework, having a social life, and, for many students, holding down a job. The successful student knows how much time to allot to each of their assignments and knows when to set their limits. Time management is crucial to becoming
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The best students realize that the returned papers and exams are a golden opportunity to take advantage of: these are the times when the professor is giving one-to-one, customized feedback on their assignments. Iinstead of tossing away graded papers and exams, sticking them in the back of your notebook, or forgetting to pick them up, these students read over the comments, and redo the missed problems, in the hopes to learn where they went wrong and how to do better the next time. Successful students are non-defensive and sincerely have an open frame of mind. This can be hard for most regular college students, but somehow, the successful ones’ manage to do
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