Success in Society and in America

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Since the beginning of time, the debate over success has shaped the way countries have implemented policies and incentives towards maximizing all talent available to them. Some have obviously been more successful at creating sustainable communities than others, and the reasons are often unclear as to why the intellectual and economic gaps between societies exist. Factors like geographic location and natural resources obviously play a part, in which case the next logical question would be whether these factors are the primary reasons for the success of a flourishing society as opposed to the people and their important talents that the society may consist of. The roots of such differences can be traced down to the very origins of success, and only by clearly defining the term can any society seek to separate itself from the rest of the world. In its most basic form, success consists of opportunities. Without opportunities, no matter how brilliant a person may be, they will be lost among the thousands of individuals possessing the same talents or intelligence. Therefore, success is determined by the extent as to which a person takes advantage of his or her own opportunities, and societies that provide the most amounts of opportunities for their citizens will always be running far beyond the competition. The American dream, essentially the constantly reiterated and embellished idea of someone who possessed nothing and ended up with everything, tends to bring misconceptions among citizens today about the nature of success itself. What this idea promotes is essentially that anyone can climb the social ladder regardless of the circumstances surrounding him or her. However, it must be noted that even though many have the potential to be... ... middle of paper ... ... potential than it ever has before. As stated by Michael Cox and Richard Alms in their book Myths of Rich and Poor, the “average American’s spending on services has risen 83 percent since the early 1970s” (Source D). There are more booming businesses and economic surpluses than ever before. The opportunities are there, and if only citizens and leaders would look around for them then prosperity will only grow in the United States and beyond. Sometimes maximizing potential is as simple as creating a training hockey team for children born in the second half of the year, and sometimes it may require the restructuring of an entire government. But the important thing is that there is no way to know something is possible or not until it is tried, and even this simple awareness can shift both individual people and entire societies from simply “good” to the best of the best.

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