Success and Failure within the Modern Age

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The dream is dying. Now, you may ask, why is the dream dying? The people of are failing to achieve individual success. Well, now you may also ask, why cannot we achieve individual success? The answer is too simple: ns cannot achieve individual success because they do not identify, understand, and learn from themselves. Without ns accepting themselves for who they are, they simply cannot move forward. However, there are then those who choose to chase the dream, identifying themselves and realizing how, what, and why they are advancing. So, it is still possible to have a dream, if only the people would accept themselves. However, the precedent is not the problem. The problem is the fact that the people are giving up as it becomes harder and harder for ns to accept and achieve their dream.

In the average n City, they were once thriving from their initial state to their prime, yet, the cities began to fall. What has once made the city for what it were, is now struggling to be what it could be, while it can. Cities struggle to be the best they can be, for now. However, those cities that cannot stay afloat die. There are temporary reliefs in the economical market; however, this does not mean things are getting better. Ii is worse than ever in its economic standing. Every day requires a need to fill its engine and every day, that engine is not filled by us, but by a different population. The n population is dwindling in the workforce, unemployment growing, and the economy is growing as well, just not for the people. In its present state, it is facing the worst condition since its past, with an even bleaker future. Because of several years of economic decline, this is now a crushing blow to us, increas...

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