Success: The Many Faces

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Our society revolves around defining ideas in a way that allows us to grasp the tangibility of it and recreate it. Success is one of those ideas that we continue to attempt to define, enabling more people to achieve it. Success tends to manifests itself in many different forms. We constantly hear of successful people that are drastically different. Bill gates and Steve Jobs are the epitome of financial success to the people who wish to compare. Individuals like Marylyn Monroe or Princess Diana remain images of success in talent and praise. Then there are athletes including skier Lindsey Vonn, who form idealistic model for youth. Finally, we see people in a successful family that seem to fit our imaginary cookie cutter picture of family, and we label them as successful. We see here the many faces of success, displayed in countless manners. There are many similarities and differences between these individuals, to gain a better understanding of this intangible idea let us take a look at some.
Success to many is defined as financial stability and sometimes full of materialistic objects. These typically correlate to a generally higher economic status, which aids in funding of prestigious educations and high-end colleges. Many people tend to find themselves defining success by the comparison to others. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the models of financial success because they do indeed have that endless supply of it. By taking a look at what they consider their success to be will help with a clearer understanding of the topic. In a commencement speech at Stanford, Steve Jobs talked about the stories of his life. To most of us we only see his fame and fortune, but when hearing it straight from the source we see his life at ...

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