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How I Will Define Success “How will I be successful?” I think to myself, wondering where my life will take me. The dictionary has many definitions for this term, such as the accomplishment of one’s goals and the attainment of wealth, position, honors or the like. A variety of people have a plethora of definitions for the word “success.” Some define it has having limitless amount of wealth, with an enormous mansion and an array of extravagant cars. Others define success by the relationships they have and waking up in the morning content with the life they have created for themselves. To some it is a mixture of both of these things, and to some it is neither. Success a subjective term that does not have one definitive meaning, which is what …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that success is a subjective term that does not have one definitive meaning, which is why it is so captivating and controversial.
  • Explains that to be successful, one must be hardworking and develop a good work ethic as early as possible.
  • Explains that ambition sets the stage for hard work and motivation and encourages goal-setting and an outstanding work ethic.
  • Opines that success requires a quality education. education allows an individual to expand their understanding of the world around them, while work allows us to learn new skills and acquire an excellent work ethic.
  • Defines success as hardworking, ambitious, and having a quality education that is expanded constantly. success warrants hard work because it creates an excellent work ethic that shoots for the stars, ambition gives people the spark that fuels the need to succeed.

First, ambition sets the stage for hard work and motivation. Specifically, ambition lets a person know what they are passionate about, encouraging them to advance as far as possible in that realm of interest. It is the stepping stone of motivation and allows a person to see what they are truly capable of. Ambition increases motivation and inspires goal-setting and an outstanding work ethic. Consequently, ambition enables hard work and motivation, emboldening success. In addition, ambition fuels an insatiable thirst for knowledge and motivates a person to reach their goals. In particular, when a person aspires to do something great, they will yearn to learn anything and everything they can that pertains to their goal. Case in point, they are have a greater chance of excelling at the dreams and aspirations if they are ambitious and passionate about their goals and ideas. Furthermore, ambition encourages people to set their goals as high as possible, as well as increasing their standards for their work and for themselves. To illustrate, if someone is passionate about a subject or idea, they will set their goals and standard for reaching that goal higher than Mount Everest. Every person has at least one thing in common: we are all passionate about something, whether it be politics, sports, art, or an infinite array of other topics, we all strive to be successful in those endeavors. All things …show more content…

Starting, education is immeasurably important because it allows an individual to expand their understanding of the world around them. Naturally, education provides us with an increasing amount of knowledge, which is expanding every day! This education could come from school, work, or experience, and all have monumental value to a person’s success. Schooling provides us with information we may not have previously known and challenges us to succeed, while work allows us to learn new skills and acquire an excellent work ethic, and experience allows us to have first-hand knowledge and also allows us to learn from an emotional standpoint. These are all factors to success that should never be neglected. All in all, education is important to success because it allows us to have a better understanding of the world around us, including ourselves. Secondly, education allows for creativity, which enables success. To present, education sparks a creative candle within a person’s psyche. This candle may be slow burning, or may burn up quickly, but it is there, nonetheless. Creativity has led to the success of many inventions, innovations and discoveries such as the light bulb, motor vehicle, radios, cell phones, and much, much more! As you can see, education sparks creativity, which is unimaginably important in one’s quest for success. Lastly, education gives us the intellectual freedom they need to accomplish goals that others are not able

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