Success And Success: The Three Characteristics Of Success

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What is success and how do you obtain it? This question isn’t so easy to answer, and there is no one definite answer. Everybody views success differently, and everyone accomplishes success in different manners. In order for you to have a better understanding of what success is to me, I will elaborate on the three characteristics I believe are the most essential to have before one can obtain success. Next, I will retell the story of a character in the classic basketball movie “Hoosiers” and how they obtained success. Finally, I will also share a time in my life where I have felt success. Firstly, what is success? Success can be seen as the self-satisfaction of knowing you did your best to be the best that you can be. This definition, developed…show more content…
Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is built from the 15 characteristics that John Wooden believes are the most vital in order to achieve success. I believe that the three most essential characteristics are faith, patience, and integrity. I believe that having faith is the most important characteristic in Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. In order to obtain any type of success in life, one must have a purpose. Without purpose, there is no basis for success. Faith gives life a purpose. So, by having faith, one already has success. Having faith doesn't necessarily always mean belonging to a religion. It could also be as simple as believing in what you're doing and trusting what you believe. The second most vital characteristic is patience. Patience is a key to success, as success doesn’t occur overnight. John Wooden often says, “There is no progress without change, but not all change…show more content…
In the players’ lives, success could be seen in their basketball state champion title. In the assistant coach, Shooter’s, life, success could be seen in Shooter going to rehab and defeating his alcohol addiction. The success story that stuck out the most to me, however, was the Coach Norman Dale’s success story. When the coach first stepped foot into the little town of Hickory, the basketball enthusiasts wanted him to follow their lead. They had done the same style of ball play since forever, and they did not plan on changing anything. So, when the coach stepped in and started to change things up a bit, the town voted him out of his coaching position. Before the voting, coach did not change his ideals, even though he knew that the people in Hickory wanted him to change. He stuck with what he believed because he had faith in his set up, faith in his players, and he trusted that it would all work out. The coach asked for patience, and patience is all he needed from the little town to show what he really had potential for. His intent was not to win, but it was to see improvements in his player’s attitudes and his assistant coach’s life choices. Once coach had started seeing these types of changes, he was thrilled and his excitement was very obvious. Before his team had even won the state championship, the coach had already deemed the season a success. Upon seeing how the coach had

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