Success And Success Essay

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Paper on Balance and Success in life

Everyone dreams of a successful career and life. The definition of success is very personal. For me, the term “Successful career” revolves around happiness.

My definition for successful career and a successful life:
For me, a successful career is one that stirs up a certain level of excitement, passion and happiness in me. In my view, successful career should be enjoyable and interesting.
To be successful at work I always pose these questions to myself:
• Is this place giving me enough space to showcase my talent?
• Do I get to live my passion? Is the work exciting and challenging to me?
• Is the work aligned to my values? Is there a scope for me to grow?
Every now and then, I pose these questions to myself and try to answer them. When I am unable
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Since childhood, my parents taught me one important rule: “Be good and kind. Be brave enough to say no to any situation which hinders these qualities in you”. I strictly follow this. In this same article, “How measure life”, the author gives an example of how he stood strong and did not go beyond his life rules. Similar situation occurred at my workplace. Once due to our team’s (Product development team) mistake the product launch was stopped and my manager tried to escape the situation by blaming other team (Product packaging team). Even the team was quite as it was not affecting them. But one of our team members (Sai Kumar), stood up, accepted the mistake and tried hard to get the product working and delivered the code on time. The higher management appreciated his guts and commitment. This incident had a great impact on me. Since then I set some rules and metrics for having a successful and happy

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